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Ramp Up Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Has your home lost its curb appeal? Whether you’ve just purchased a fixer upper, are preparing to sell your home, or have just neglected the exterior, there’s no time like the present to ramp up your home’s curb appeal! Follow these recommendations from the real estate and landscaping professionals and you’ll soon have the house that’s the envy of the block!

Stand across the street from your home and take a critical look at the exterior and landscaping.  Make note of the updates and maintenance needed and begin to make a list for a trip to the local home improvement store.  Block out a few weekends, grab your gardening gear and take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and invest in a pair of comfortable gardening shoes from the huge selection and value offered by Merrell.

Trim all the shrubbery to below the height of the windows around the entire home.  Cut tree branches to at least 8 feet above the ground to allow grass to grow and easy mowing.  Mow the lawn and edge along walkways, driveway and shrubbery beds. Apply fresh mulch or pine straw as needed.  Use a power spray for the driveway, walkways and porch as needed. Select a bedding area along the drive way and near the front porch for colorful bedding flowers.

On the exterior, address any deferred maintenance issues. Repair gutters and screen doors as needed. Consider removing the storm door or screen door from the front of the home. This will make the entry more inviting. Apply a fresh coat of paint on the front door and shutters. Paint trim work as needed. Replace the mailbox, house numbers and exterior lighting for a more updated look. Select large house numbers and attach to the front door or in a very visible location.  Finally, replace the door mat.  You’ve no doubt made a dramatic improvement to the front of your home.

As a final touch, select a large planter and fill with colorful bedding plants and place by the front door. Pour yourself a glass of lemonade or iced tea and admire your hard work – the results are worth it. You’ve also substantially increased the value of your home. Congratulations on a job well done!

Helpful Tips on items to Organize or Throw Away when Decluttering a Home

People who need to clean their home and get rid of stuff that they no longer need or use will likely benefit from the helpful tips in an article like what can be found at The simple fact is that people can collect a lot of things over time, and these things can take up a great deal of space. They can make a home look cluttered and they can force a homeowner to think more about storage than is actually necessary. By simply getting rid of some of the stuff, a person may find their home is less cluttered. Most people feel that a less cluttered home is a more comfortable home.

Going through things such as books, CDs or DVDs, various gadgets and clothing can help free up a great deal of space inside of the home. It can be difficult to be practical enough to get rid of things that a person has collected over the years, but pushing through and making the hard decisions can help a person clear out the clutter in their home.

For example, books are one area where a person can free up a great deal of storage space. With digital devices that can store books, some people don’t feel the need to have physical books stored on a shelf in great numbers. For someone who prefers hard copies of their books, only keeping those books that they love to read over and over again is a way to keep clutter down. Using a local library for other books is a great way to still have access without overwhelming a house.

It might be nice to collect movies, but if the movies have been watched sparingly over the past few years, it may be time to get rid of them. They may be collecting dust and taking up more storage space than a person is aware of.

The simple fact is that this only scratches the surface of the different items that need to be inventoried and cleared out if necessary. It can be a rather extensive job that requires a person to make some difficult decisions. However, in order to clear out space and to make a home look and feel less cluttered, these are the types of things that need to be done every so often.